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Dear Friends

It is not a sight you see very often!  By which I mean the sight of an old classic car travelling majestically along the A30 this afternoon as I drove home. It caught my eye as I overtook it.

 Classic cars stand out from the crowd as a curiosity, and a reminder of a foregone era before they were superseded by faster, bigger, and more economical modern cars.

Classic car enthusiasts are rightly proud of their collection, but there is one thing for sure, they do not travel as fast as today’s cars!  They simply cannot keep up with the pace of today’s traffic without the benefit of a modern engine.

 However, on the A30 this classic car was far from slow! It was not holding up the traffic, it was not struggling nor labouring up hills, it was simply flying down the dual carriageway, unhindered by its inadequate engine power, basically it was bombing along!

How come?

Well, the reason is simple.  The car was travelling on the trailer of another vehicle! Transported by the power of another engine, not its own:

Its own engine was resting on the power of another.

I wonder if you are feeling weary today, you are feeling your age, or you find it hard to keep up with the pace of life and the changing technology advances, or simply feel tired or find it hard to cope. Maybe you need to rest on the power of God. God says, ‘climb on board:’ “Cast your burdens upon me”, (Mt 11:30)

“He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge”      (Ps 91:4)

Sometimes when we are depleted or exhausted it is because we are doing things in our own strength instead of leaning on God’s. Is it time to nestle under His wings?

With love, Rev Gill x

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