While Covid cases in the community remain at a significantly high level we are holding a 10.30am service in church (with covid measures in place) alongside a 10.30am service on Zoom and YouTube.  Please see our services page for details. Please also check out the young people’s and activity pages as groups begin to re-start.

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On a beautiful, tranquil, sunny evening this week as the sun hung low in the sky, I paused to glance through my window at the garden, when I noticed the sun rays streaming over the fence into my garden

But something puzzled me!

My eyes were drawn to sunrays shining on the inside of my fence, in the very ‘hedgehog friendly’ corner at the bottom of my garden, and something felt very strange indeed.

How can this be? I puzzled.

How can there possibly be a patch of sunlight on the inside of my north-facing fence, when the sunlight is streaming from behind the fence into my garden?  It simply is not physically possible!

My puzzlement grew, I was bursting with curiosity. There was only one thing for it, I had to investigate the strange phenomenon!

I stood on the undergrowth in my slippers, mystified by the shadows I was casting on the fence. The source of sunlight clearly came from the North, from behind me!  After jiggling position to try and catch sight of the source, eventually the riddle was solved.

30 metres behind me dazzling sunlight was reflecting from my own bedroom window into this dark and shadowy corner, as if it were the sun itself.

Often we look at others, admiring or envying how together, cool, or Christ-like they appear, without realizing that the windows of our own lives, are reflecting Christ’s light far brighter than we ever give ourselves credit for.

As a follower, you are a dazzling reflector of Jesus, your Son-shine, your Christ-light, is shining into the dark and shadowy corners of your homes, Church and social groups, so today, believe in yourself, yes you!

 John the Baptist…. came as a witness to testify concerning the light. he himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. (John 1)

Thank you for being a blessing!

Rev Gill x   


In line with Government Guidance we are open for private prayer by appointment – so please do see our Prayer section.

If you know of someone who needs help please let us know. The Church/Circuit Office is remaining open and Kay is happy to take your calls on 01626 360400.  Rev Gill  01626 200655