Room / Facilities Lettings


The Avenue Church had many rooms and facilities which we let out on a private or commercial basis.

 The facilities range from a small meeting room, to a lounge, and small hall and a large hall. We also have the sanctuary itself that can, on occasions,  be let for concerts or large venues.

Toilets, including facilities for the disabled are available, a lift for easier access to the fist floor, kitchens both upstairs and downstairs and free wifi throughout the building.

 Many of the rooms have had a full facelift and other rooms are planned for modernization during the year.

 Prices vary, according to the rooms needed, but all are based on an hourly rate.

 Photos of the rooms will be uploaded to this website in the near future.

 For prices, availability and for any more information, please contact Alan Reynolds at the Circuit Office.

Tel 01626 360400 or email to:

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