Poundsgate Methodist Church

Poundsgate TQ13 7NY

Minister: Revd. Kevin Hooke;  Telephone: 01626 832369

Afternoon Service: 3.00 pm (First Sunday each month)


Poundsgate Methodist Church lies alongside one of the key roads across the moor, and is therefore passed by tourists and local people alike. Despite its rural setting, we believe that it is important to maintain its presence and worship, both as a witness to Christian faith and as a visible reminder of the God whose creation lies all around.

Our Church life cannot be as visibly active as in centres of greater population – however, our congregation is growing, with a mixture of local residents, friends from other churches, visitors, and members

Our life and witness currently focuses around:

♦ Monthly worship on the first Sunday, at 3pm

♦ Most services have a particular theme relating either to the Christian year or to our moorland setting. E.g. Photography and the moor, Climate change, All saints and a celebration of those who have gone before us

♦ Services are followed by coffee and cake to increase our fellowship

♦ Summer walk and Songs of Praise, as part of a series of walks organised by local moorland churches

♦ Atmospheric Carol service

♦ Door to door visitation – two or three times a year our minister goes door to door around the local community to distribute leaflets advertising special services/events

♦ Monthly newssheet, distributed at the service, but also emailed to a number of friends who attend regularly or occasionally (e.g. we have at least one couple who arrange their annual visit to Devon to coincide with one of our services)

♦ Organised visits from other church groups (e.g. friends from Exminster and Silverton have come to the moor for lunch and then joined us for worship)

We would like to welcome you to join us as individuals or as a church group to any of our services, and so become a part of our network of friends! If you would like to come as a group and to link Sunday afternoon worship to some time on the moor, please get in contact!

For an e-mailed copy of our monthly Newsletter, contact d2ba.daniel@tiscali.co.uk

The Chapel is a well-known landmark for those crossing Dartmoor from Ashburton to Princetown or Tavistock. It was built as a place of worship in 1833 and has been in regular use ever since. It is built largely of granite, is of simple design and contains, as far as is known, the original pews and pulpit. Although plain on the inside, the little window behind the pulpit can come as a surprise to visitors on first entering. Standing at just over 270 metres (almost 900 feet) above sea level, a short walk from the Chapel affords views across quite a wide area of South Devon on a clear day.