Henry, Earl Grey, is the owner of Downcast Abbey which is situated at Banbury Cross. Sadly, ever since he lost his wife, Lady Jane, he has been in the depths of despair.
Lady Jane used to wear expensive rings on her fingers & bells on her toes which are now kept safe & secure in a special box, guarded conscientiously by the devoted housekeeper Rosie Lea.
The Dowager Countess, concerned for son Henry’s well-being, orders Downcast’s butler, Tetley, to arrange a meeting with the widowed Lady Twining from Maxwell House.
Sensing an opportunity the nefarious Lady Twining, aided & abetted by her butler Brooke-Bond, attempts to railroad the Earl into a hasty & reckless marriage in order to get her devious hands on the jewellery.
As the kindly but hapless Earl is lured ever closer to this dubious union the staff of Downcast Abbey rally around in an attempt to foil the dastardly plot.

With the usual mix of singing, dancing, corny jokes, slap stick, laughter and colourful costumes this was a night for all to enjoy.