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The Avenue Methodist and URC Church

Greetings from the Church

Dear Friends

The circuit concept will be unfamiliar to those who join us from other denominations, but it is in this community of congregations that we share ministry, appoint specialist workers, commisssion worship leaders and plan Local preachers and thus enable and resource the mission of the local churches who are always, of course, on the front line of engagement.

From the high ground of Dartmoor to the seaside, the Teignbridge circuit will share in God’s mission with Christians of other traditions as together in ecumenical co-operation, we serve our respective localities in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Christian mission today is a multi-faceted and experimental reality, yet it remains as risky as ever as the Church engages with the radical changes taking place in the world around us. New situations challenge us anew to find the means and discover the language through which to communicate the Good News of God in the cultures of our day.

This is a thrilling time in which to renew our commitment to the risen Lord. He is always out there ahead of us, beckoning us to join him in his glorious adventure as God continually incarnates the love we see in Jesus in the lives of those who believe. And we are never left to fend for ourselves for the Holy Spirit is God’s empowering presence available to the church at every stage.

So we are faced with immense challenges and perhaps unequalled opportunities in what many people regard as a ‘post-Christian’ age. But we also have at our disposal spiritual resources beyond our imagining-more than enough to get the job done!

That is why we are never afraid to follow where Christ leads, undaunted by the call to do things differently, always seeking to lead men and women to the One who makes all things new.

This web site will introduce you to the churches of the circuit an you will learn of their activities, aims, challenges and the new initiatives in which many are engaged as they seek to reach out to young and old in worship, service and witness. Someone once said, “The church exists for those who on’t go to it”, echoing Charles Wesley’s evangelelistic passion as he sang

“Fully on these my mission prove, and only breathe to breathe Thy love”.

As we make a new beginning in faith, I would urge you to include this new venture in your prayers. Look out too for opportunities to have fellowship with one another, to learn together, to pray and worship together and, together, to think through the implications of Christian discipleship in these changing times – and all this, so the world may believe.