Christmas Voices

Once  there was a good priest who loved God, but nevertheless lacked the faith to believe an angel who said that he would have a baby boy in old age. As a result Zechariah was silenced by God and struck dumb. The voiceless priest was unable to speak for God and for good.

Once there was a teenage girl who loved God, and was visited by an angel who told her she would give birth to a baby boy called Jesus, but her betrothed, Joseph, planned to ‘put her aside quietly’ or ‘divorce her’,  embarrassed by the voice of the unborn baby in his life’, preferring a voiceless motherhood.

And once there was a king who was far from voiceless, wielding his powerful, authoritative and murderous voice over the nation. Herod pulled out all the stops to render Jesus himself voiceless, by having all baby boys in Bethlehem brutally murdered.

Proverbs 19:21 says “You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will always prevail”!

and it did!

Zechariah the Priest’s voice was restored. Moreover his son, John the Baptist, ironically grew to become ‘THE voice’ in the wilderness –there was “no-one greater!”

An Angel talked Joseph out of his plan to set Mary aside, and Mary, mother of Jesus, became one of the most powerful voices and role models in the world.

Herod’s powerful plan to render Jesus voiceless and destroy what he felt was a threat to his Kingship was similarly thwarted, and people have been hearing the voice of Jesus ever since!

Whether Priest, Teenager or Royalty, as we approach another glitzy and tinselized Christmas let’s not allow anything to stifle our voices for God and for good, and let’s listen to that unquenchable voice of God who longs to hold us, help us and heal us.

Let’s spare a thought too for those whose voices have been silenced or cast aside, whether in prison cell, hospital room, on the cold damp street, or silenced by a bully. Let’s support the divorced and abandoned, and pray for the most powerful and dictatorial voices, that their voices will be used to heal and help, rather than harm.

May the Prince of Peace, Immanuel, bless you with the sound of His tender voice of love throughout the coming Advent and Christmas Season.

Much love



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