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A message from our Minister


Dear Friends

God told Jonah to go to Ninevah and proclaim:  “In Forty days more Ninevah shall be overthrown”.   As a result the people of Ninevah believed God and proclaimed a fast;               

             A Disaster was proclaimed and the disaster was averted.

Through fasting, prayerfulness, commitment and repentance, God changed his mind.

It sounds so simple on paper, but fasting takes dedication, commitment, faith and repentance, which can all be very tough going! It takes bags of commitment, oodles of self-control, and trusts in a God for whom prayer counts.

A couple of weeks ago, in prayer, and again through the Jonah 3:4 , I have felt that God is calling us, his Church, to prayer and fasting, to pray that death, illness and economic disaster that has hit our area, and our Country, will now recede and begin its recovery.

I have, coincidentally, never called the Church to fast like this before!

Will you consider fasting and praying? to turn our attention to God, seek His closeness, plead God’s blessing and protection upon family, friends, our locality, our nation, the vulnerable, the NHS and our overstretched hospitals, to see an end at last to the pandemic and healing for a distressed Country?

Approximately 40 days until the end of February, for me, like with Jonah, for some reason, feels very significant.    

It is a big ask Church! But will you join me?           

                                                                                                          Love, Rev Gill x   

(Tips on fasting can be found below) 


                                  Fasting Tips   


  • Fasting is voluntary. It is your choice and yours alone. If it feels right to you in your spirit, choose prayerfully what kind of fast is right for you.
  • Prayerfully choose the length of fast that you can offer God. The Bible shows examples of fasting for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 40 days. (eg. Lent is normally 40 days)
  • Enter the fast with prayer. Fasting in scripture is always accompanied by prayer. Prayer walks during lockdown may be a good way to pray, or set aside time and light a candle as a mark of your intention.
  • Consider your schedule and try not to inconvenience others with your fast.
  • Fasting can mean giving up treats or sweet foods that you enjoy, swopping a meal for fruit, vegetables, or plain rice or simply eating plainly. It can mean drinking plain water instead of tea, or giving up foods meaningful to you, like chocolate or alcohol.  It might mean not eating anything except fruit after a certain time of day or evening.
  • Fasting can mean giving up something that takes a lot of your time and energy, such as disconnecting from TV, social media or the internet for a period of time.
  • Fasting does not always mean fasting from food. Fasting from anything considered unhealthy or unwholesome, such as criticism, swearing or gambling is equally important and valuable, particularly when offered up to honour God. Many have discovered life-long benefits after such a fast.
  • Taking up something, instead of giving it up, like a regular time of prayer, a decision to read Scripture daily, attend (virtual) Church or a regular prayer walk is another act of daily commitment that might be considered.
  • There are partial fasts, one day a week fasts, vegetarian fasts, sugar fasts, caffeine fasts, abstinence fasts, and others. Please do not consider an all-day fast without consulting a Doctor or Health expert.
  • Most importantly, enter fasting and prayer in humility, with a right motive, to honour and seek God’s blessing, rather than solely seeking the useful benefits of a healthy diet or life change.


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