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I prefer to go for a beach walk than do housework!

In fact, I probably prefer to watch paint dry than do housework! But yesterday was different, I cleaned! I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the sink, the walls, the cupboards, and washed the floors, I dusted the furniture, the cat, the pictures on the wall and …

Ah! Let me pause there!

Ok, I didn’t dust all of the pictures - just the bottom halves!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m short! Most of the pictures on my wall are higher than I am, and I cannot reach the top half of the pictures! Call me lazy if you like, but just one look around my house may reveal that the top half of my paintings are dusty, whilst the bottom halves are clean!

I’m the way God made me and have been described in all sorts of ways; ‘Shorty’, ‘Knee-high to a grasshopper’ ‘Vertically challenged’ and a ‘Midget! But, as you would guess, a feather duster, or stool to stand on, could lengthen my reach, or remedy what is lacking in my size, if I were so inclined.

Occasionally we may be guilty of allowing our inadequacies and idiosyncrasies to excuse us from reaching and stretching to our fullest potential;

Moses told God “I can’t speak to the King I’m a clumsy speaker” yet he spoke to the King and delivered the Israelites.

Jeremiah said to God ‘I don’t know how to speak, I’m too young’ but became a renowned prophet.

God saw beyond their excuses to their uses.

Today do you need to reach higher, stretch further, believe for more than you ever dreamed could be done in the flesh?

– A higher goal?

– Faith that you have what it takes?

– A little more patience or self-control in a given challenge?

– A little more self-belief that you can teach, preach, lead, start a small group, or take up that promotion at work?

Reach a little higher! I know someone who can give you a leg-up!

be blessed – Rev Gill x

In line with Government Guidance we are open for private prayer by appointment – so please do see our Prayer section.

If you know of someone who needs help please let us know. The Church/Circuit Office is remaining open and Kay is happy to take your calls on 01626 360400.  Rev Gill  01626 200655