I have a Toby Jug!

… and it takes pride of place in my lounge

Ah! Not just any Toby Jug! it is a 1941 Toby Jug of The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and is a great aide-mémoire to the man who took Britain to victory in the Second World War.

In fact I could almost call him a “Toby Jog”! for when I look at my Toby Jug it jogs my memory to recall his greatness, and the impact he made, leading the country to victory over the oppressor, and bringing freedom to captives.

Winston Churchill was a great and extremely important man, but the Toby Jug will never replace him.

In a similar way many people keep reminders of Jesus too, from wearing a cross, to an embroidery of the Last Supper, to carvings of praying hands, to a dusty family heirloom Bible in the bottom of their wardrobe! Yet none of these things were ever supposed to replace Jesus, they are aide-memoirs to turn our thoughts to the amazing Miracle-Maker Jesus Christ.

Sir Winston Churchill now lies in St Martin’s church, Bladon, and is no longer with us,   Unfortunately we will never meet Winston Churchill this side of heaven,  But Jesus is alive and is still active in your life and mine, loving us, cherishing us, guiding us and leading us to victory over our sin, failures and addictions.  You can meet Jesus today!  He is alive and eternally present with you; this moment, this hour. Can you feel his love?

Don’t put your trust in an effigy of Jesus or religious artifacts, instead put your trust in the person himself, Jesus Christ, who is alive and always will be.   Let Jesus shower his forgiving and undying love upon you today, for he longs for you and I to worship and honour him.

Because he lives!   (Hebrews 7:24, 25)

Much love


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