While Covid cases in the community remain at a significantly high level we are going to continue with our short 10.00am service in church (with covid measures in place) alongside our 11.00am service on Zoom and YouTube.  Please see our services page for details.

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The Garden Gate

I wonder if you have a garden, and if you do, I wonder if you have a garden gate at the side of your house?  As for me, my Manse garden gate has both a latch on the outside, and a bolt on the inside, I can double lock it if I wish.

The other day I parked my car in front of the house, and wanted to carry something heavy into the garden, but the gate was bolted on the inside, so I had to unlock my front door, traipse all the way through the house, and through the kitchen to unlock the back door, unbolt the gate from the garden, and carry the heavy item in!

Later in the day I needed to put the recycling out, so I exited the back door to carry my recycling containers to the roadside, but this time the gate was locked from the outside! Doh! Here we go again! So I carried my recycling bins through the back door, and through the kitchen, to unlock the front door and carry my containers out!

I have full control over my own garden gate!  But often shut myself out!

Jesus said“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.  They will come in and go out and find pasture.”

Methodist understanding of the Christian faith, believes Wesley’s words to be true:

 “All need to be saved. All may be saved. All may know themselves saved. All may be saved to the uttermost.”

Jesus is the gate. His gate has no lock on his side, but for us to gain entry into his presence, there is a bolt on our side to let Jesus in, and once we have opened that gate we can be saved, and “Come in and go out, and find pasture.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, today I choose to open the gate from my side and let you into my life, my heart, and my home, please come in and make your home in my heart today and forever. Amen                                                                    With love, Rev Gill x    


In line with Government Guidance we are open for private prayer by appointment – so please do see our Prayer section.

If you know of someone who needs help please let us know. The Church/Circuit Office is remaining open and Kay is happy to take your calls on 01626 360400.  Rev Gill  01626 200655