Another year!  Another new beginning!  Another gift deo volente of 365 fabulous bumper days stretching ahead!  An unknown, undisclosed, exciting but mysterious New Year!

It feels a little bit like an awesome Christmas present to receive a whole new year of life stretching out ahead of us as far as the eye can see! A gift from a loving, designer God to us.

But of course, every moment is a gift!  Every hour is a gift, each day is a gift, and each morning we awaken dreamily from our slumber, to experience a whole new day!

Thank you God!

But for some, the freshness and optimism of this gift brings new hopes tinged with concern;  Optimism tainted with anxiety;  New aspirations loaded with dread, and for times such as these, Christ’s self-description as The Good Shepherd offers comfort and guidance as we head into an unknown and unseen New Year.

Sheep can be so obstinate and willful sometimes and God knows exactly what we are like too!

This year, if we get in deep water, when we bleat the Good Shepherd will wade in to fish us out.

If we wander into the thicket and get hung up on brambles, if we bleat, he’ll hook us back with his crook.

If we think the grass looks greener on the other side only to find it’s worse, if we bleat he will guide us back home.

When we are worn out and weary he will lead us to lush green pastures and still waters of refreshment.

Whoever you are, whatever your traits, Christ the Good Shepherd is watching out for you today and throughout this coming Year. He’s only a bleat away.

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Revd. Gill Daniel – tel: 01626 200655  or  email: gilldaniel@live.co.uk


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