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A message from our Minister – Rev Gill Daniel

The tide is going out!

As I sauntered along Teignmouth beach last week, over the sand and pebbles, I watched the small, mesmerizing,  rippling waves advancing and receding, effortlessly and  relentlessly, driven back and forth onto the sand and out again.    Small fascinating ribbons of bubbly waves surging forward and rattling back, taking the stones out with the current, and smoothing the sand as it went. Beautiful and restful.

But I asked myself a question:  Was the tide coming in or going out?  I didn’t know!

It is almost impossible to tell, looking at the waves, whether the tide is coming in or going out.  We can be so mesmerized by what we see that we often cannot see long term change, because the tide moves so slowly and imperceptibly.  One person might look at the waves lapping on the shore and say ‘The tide is definitely coming in’ and another might say, ‘Ah I can tell, that tide is definitely on its way out’.   It takes a tide table or a long wait to discover the truth.

As we enter the beginning of this New Year it may be hard to tell whether the Covid Tide is coming in or going out, some people perceive the Covid tide as ‘coming in’ advancing horribly, getting worse, taking more ground and trying to destroy us, whilst other people see the Covid tide as ‘going out’, that things are improving, and Covid is receding.

For me, as we commence our journey into another year, a brand new, hope-filled 2021, there may be waves of confusion, waves of fear, but the tidal direction is one of joy and reassurance, the tide has turned, and it’s now starting to go out!  Death is slowly and almost imperceptibly being defeated, vaccine by vaccine.

In Psalm 42 Korah’s sons cry: “So then, my soul, why would you be depressed? Why would you sink into despair? Just keep hoping and waiting on God your Saviour. For no matter what, I will still sing with praise, for living before his face is my saving grace!”

We have someone in whom we can reliably place our trust, someone who defeated death on the cross with His own life, so whether our emotions feel tidal or not, let us enter 2021 with optimism, hope and even joy!

Happy New Year!

With love, Rev  Gill x


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