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A message from our Minister

Cross Purposes
What a thankless task’ I muttered to myself last week, as I waited for the red traffic lights of the Pelican Crossing to turn green, so I could continue my car journey to my destination.  I would not mind if people were crossing the road, but the lights were red, and no one was in sight- they were long gone!
A few metres up the road it happened for a second time! I waited at the red light, but the pedestrians had already crossed! An empty road with no cars anywhere, except for me, waiting at the red light!  The pedestrians had presumably crossed before the lights had changed as sometimes happens!
Pedestrians have a journey to make.  Drivers have a journey to make.
Both need to travel the same road, but sometimes pedestrians or traffic need to pause their journey to allow others to cross their path without collision, and safely continue their own journey.
Our life’s journey is not dissimilar, for often we must give way to others. People are on a different journey than ours, a different way of understanding, a different temperament, a different outlook, or a different belief, and sometimes we need to give way to them.
Frequently we need to pause our journey so that others can continue theirs, and we all need to work together in our individuality and uniqueness, to avoid a painful clash.
The cross and resurrection of Jesus proved to be a junction in the history of the world where a previous theological belief about a stern, distant God gave way to a new and beautiful one, one of grace, mercy, love and eternal life, of a befriending God who touched the world with a new understanding of his love.
Today is there anyone in life who needs you to stand back, give way and let them continue their unique journey safely and with your blessing?

With love
Rev Gill x

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