I hope you are all staying safe and well.

I am sure it will come as no surprise to any of you that due to Government guidance and guidance from The Methodist Church we have reluctantly had to suspend Worship Services until further notice.  There are details of BBC broadcast services and links to “virtual services”, under the Service tab which we  hope you will find helpful.

In line with Government Guidance we are opening for private prayer by appointment – so please do see our Prayer section.

Our main priority at this time is keeping everyone as safe and well as we are able.

All other activities at The Avenue have also ceased for the time being – that includes KingsCare.

We are obviously looking at ways in which we can keep in touch with you all, to offer support or help where needed. We are also looking at providing resources for prayer and worship during this trying time.

If you know of someone who needs help please let us know. The Church/Circuit Office is remaining open and Sharon is happy to take your calls on 01626 360400.

A Message from our Minister – Rev Gill Daniel

Dear Friends

It is incredibly good to be back after my Sabbatical, and never more so than when the Coronavirus is taking the UK and the world hostage. The world is barely recognisable now, after the space of only a couple of months from the first appearance of Covid 19.

Many live in fear; How to stay safe; How to pay for food when unexpectedly out of work; How to save their business from bankruptcy; How to overcome fear on the front line whilst risking infection or death; How to stay calm when you catch a fever; How to cope when loss offers only a small, clinical funeral: How to take risks to help others when your own loving family want you to stay safe yourself.

Luxuries, pleasures and ‘the rat race’ are put on hold while we discover that, in the words of Matt Redman “When the music fades, all is stripped away and I simply come” In that stillness, God is with us. When everything is stripped away we discover God’s love in the form of Love and families; God’s greatest gift of Love.

The Prophet Haggai, and Jesus himself warned us of a shaking of the Nations and plagues, wars, famines to come – I have no doubt that Covid 19 is one of those events to which he referred.

Through this difficult time we can continue to be Church just as well as ever before; we may contact and encourage those who feel isolated, and we can pray, – above all we can pray.

In the actions of the Catholic Priest, Don Guiseppe Berardelli 72, who died of Covid 19 on March 15th in Lovere, who declined his own medical equipment so that a younger patient could use it, we see the generous, sacrificial, life-giving action of one person for another. He surrendered his chance of life in order to hand on the baton of life to a complete stranger.

Jesus too handed on the baton of life to you and to me, when he hung on the cross. He gave his life in pain and torture so that we could live eternally. If you never have before, please receive that baton, receive the Love God has for you, receive hope through faith, and call upon him in solitude. Seek him like never before, and you will find that the trial faced by the UK is less fearful through the eyes of Faith, in an Eternal, saving, loving God

My ministry now is different, but is still to serve. If you have no-one to do your weekly shop, let me know I’ll bring it over. If you need a listening ear, give me a call or facetime me, if you have no money and need food say the word and I’ll drop something over. We need each other, and I’m here for you.

Gill x


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