Letter from Rev. Gill Daniel – as printed in the Circuit Plan


Notes everywhere! Spread out before me!

Notes spread all over the page!

Black ones; white ones; joined ones; notes with tails and curious # markings!

How do they make sense? And how do they make music??

Just before Christmas I treated myself to a second hand keyboard, and am trying hopelessly, to revive my childhood art of playing piano, but all I can see are jumbled, disjointed notes which have very little meaning! I hardly know if they are an A or a G, let alone a sharp or flat! Joining them together smoothly seems to be an elusive hope! But I persevere, because the intention of a musical note is always to create a melody.

Throughout the whole Bible from the Old Testament to the New, there are dotted throughout, hundreds of singular, unique and clear notes about the Saviour who was to come; Where He would be born; where He would die; His betrayal and accusers; His piercings; His crucifixion; His burial; His resurrection and His costly sacrifice for our sin. Some prophecies only made sense centuries later, but like a flurry of singular musical notes, each was wonderfully preparing the reader for the finale of God’s amazing salvation plan to be revealed.

But it is now, during this Quarter of Lent and Easter in particular, that finally the notes come together and break forth beautifully in the culmination of a glorious, completed composition! Suddenly all the various prophecies make melodious sense!  The prophetic words dotted throughout the Old Testament about Jesus, like musical notes, suddenly burst forth in cohesion and fulfilment at the resurrection of Christ, and come alive in an incredible and flawless composition of celebration and joy!

God our skillful and flawless composer had an intention behind every single note! And the final completed composition is dedicated to you!

May God bless you all during this season of Lent, and during this Symphony of Easter.

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