We take the internet so much for granted these days

But my! what an impact the internet has made upon knowledge, global communication, networking, and even the High Street Shops, since the 90’s

But the internet is of little use without a Search engine! The software that helps us search for specific subjects on the internet.

With it we can search through megabytes of knowledge to our heart’s content, and explore anything! The weight of a tea bag! The number of calories in a mini egg! The greatest number of people crammed in a mini (27!)   Yet none of this information takes away the power to make our own choices.

Wholesome Love and Goodness can be discovered on the internet and hopefully it informs our behaviour for the better, but it only impacts our personality if we choose it.

Evil and Malice may be discovered on the internet but likewise doesn’t impact our personality unless we choose it.

Church: a search engine

Church is not something that dictates how we live, nor shapes behaviour, nor imposes a belief pattern upon us that we don’t want. It is more like a search engine that offers information about Faith, and shares historical and present truths that have potential to bring us hope, joy, freedom, liberation,  information, strength, love and peace, based upon the power of the cross and it’s power to set us free.

But only if we choose it.

If you are searching for meaning today, why not come along to Church? Try us? Try the Church near you?

Our Search engine may help you to sift out the baggage that weighs so heavily, and help you discover a new peace and strength for each day.

Your choice.                                                            

If you need to speak to a minister please contact:
Revd. Gill Daniel – tel: 01626 200655  or  email: gilldaniel@live.co.uk

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